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vila tour

Tour in Tabatskuri

A scenic drive through beautiful forests and alpine meadows will bring us to Tskhratskaro Pass (2454m) and then we drive down the volcanic plateau to Tabatskuri Lake. After a nice walk around the lake we return to Bakuriani.

vila tour

In summer, besides hiking and horse riding, Bakuriani, located 1700 m above sea level can also be recommended for modern sports such as paragliding and mountain biking. The surrounding mountains offer numerous possibilities for both challenging and rather easy mountain bike trips. Starting from Bakuriani you can mountain bike up and down Mt. Kochta (2155m) via the trekking routes or the road from Bakuriani to Tabatskuri Lake via the Tskra-Tsaro Pass (2454 m). The road varies from asphalt to gravel to narrow forest paths while the spectacular view from the pass and the limited traffic lets you rediscover the fun of cycling again.

Also Hiking up to Mount Kochta is worthwhile — having reached the peak you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Great Caucasus range including the top of Mount Elbrus. Even more relaxing is to take the ski lift up to the top, which sometimes works in summer as well.

Another possibility is the 4-5 hour hike to the village of Tabatskuri, next to lake Tabatskuri. Over a mountain ridge, the path heads for the peak of Sakwelosmta. Just before the steep climb, however, it slopes down on the south side of the mountain in the direction of the lake. After another 1.5 hours you reach the gravel road coming from Tskhra-Tskaro Pass. Following the road southwards you will reach the village after about 9 km. Heading back, the best means is to take a car and cross the Tskhra-Tskaro Pass back to Bakuriani.

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A shorter road back from the peak to Bakuriani starts in eastern direction. Slowly the path climbs down on the south flank of Kochta in the parallel valley. At the northeast end of this path, after 3 km, you reach the small mountain village Didi Mitarbi. Out of this village a track across the field bends off in northern direction up the forest and heads in the valley in a curve back to Bakuriani, which is reached after 5 km.

Furthermore, you can hike from Bakuriani to the village of Cichisdziri, originally a Greek settlement, with a hot spring nearby. It can be reached on foot, horseback, by bike or by jeep within 8 km.

Hiking downwards from Bakuriani, there is not only the road leading to the Timetosubani monastery but a trail through the forest as well.

vila tour

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