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by DAO written on Март 4, 2013

I got sold on this place due to a guide book talking about a ‘swim up pool in the back’. I thought it might be nice to lie around the pool, dip in when I got hot and get a nice cold beer from the bartender. I did take note that rooms were a ‘bit basic’. Then I saw their website. Wow! This place looked palatial on their site so I booked. I had to transfer 50% to their bank account beforehand – no problem.

So what did I get? 2 basic rooms (will explain in a minute) and a small pool with a swim-up bar. Except the bar was empty and not even a staff member around. In fact it took me 2 days to find out there was a small bar on the roof. Oh well.

The basic ‘Standard’ room is fine except the mattresses were horrendous and there was not even a bar of soap on offer. Luckily I had one in my case. The towels and sheets were never changed. Staff were friendly, but never left the desk at the front of the property. If you do ask them for things, they will take care of it at a leisurely pace, but friendly enough.

The plus points of this hotel would be 1) a fantastic location right on the beach and 2) it was quiet. They are on the very end of the long beach, so it’s a nice nature walk to everything. That is good because that is why the area is so quiet at night.

Other than that, not much to say. They did have wifi and there were places to hang you clothes outside of the rooms. I had a second, more expensive, room on the last night because they were fully booked. I couldn’t see a real difference.

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No air-conditioПing, but the rooms are shaded and did stay cool and had a big fan. No problem.

I never saw the promised ‘TV in every room’ in any of the rooms I saw and I stayed in 2 of them.

Would I stay here again? No. I need a reasonable mattress. Bringing your own soap and shampoo I could live with (or without it!), but you think they would mention this in their fantasy looking website. Then again it might make you think the pictures are too good to be true.

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— Low season: May 01 — Oct 31

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