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    «So, it’s off to Milan for the official launch. The location is Lake Como, holiday home to such style icons as George Clooney, Donatella Versace and, ahem, Luciano Pavarotti. Our residence: la Villa Passalacqua, the former lakeside pile of Vincenzo Bellini, a 19th-century composer who gave his name to the classic Italian cocktail.» — The Independent writing about the launch of the new Bentley convertible at the Villa Passalacqua, London, England Enjoy a taste of the Clooney life on Lake Como in Italy. Villa Passalacqua is a gorgeous villa located not far from Gorgeous George’s home, Villa Oleandra.  — Luxist Style. NYC, New York Our venue was Villa Passalacqua. I came across it by accident and fell in love with it. It was perfect for a white wedding. The huge gardens are very colourful, and inside there are beautiful frescos. The white colour scheme perfectly offset the surroundings. — Bride Magazine, Florence, Italy and London, England Moltrasio’s most significant property, though, is Villa Passalacqua. Whereas Versace had Elton John stay at his villa, Andrea Passalacqua offered hospitality to the opera composer Vincenzo Bellini between 1829 and 1833; ant it was here that Bellini wrote La Sonnambula — Time Out Magazine, Milano, Italy I was lucky enough to photograph a beautiful wedding at the Villa Passalacqua—truly the most spectacular property I have seen for a special wedding. — David Hughes,, London, England

    The Villa Passalacqua is a luxury Lake Como villa rental. A 5 star property that runs from high up in the village of Moltrasio all the way down to the lake's shore. Over the centuries, the Villa Passalacqua has played host to numerous musicians, artists, writers and statesmen including Napoleon Buonaparte, Vincenzo Bellini and Winston Churchill. The villa and its exquisite gardens are perfect for hosting Lake Como weddings, corporate events or simply for a relaxing family vacation. For guests seeking luxury on Lake Como but don't need the size of the Villa Passalacqua, the Villa Bellini is perfect.

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    Lake Como Villa Rental: A Brief History

    The Villa Passalacqua, more than just a Lake Como Villa Rental, is a national monument for Italy. It was constructed in the 1700’s by Count Passalacqua who had been granted the property by the Odescalchi Family—a Northern Papal family. It’s most famous long term visitor was Vincenzo Bellini who lived here from 1829-1833 and wrote his most famous operas here (Norma and Sonnambula). The Swiss architect, Felice Soave, designed the house to have a simple symmetrical façade with a richly elaborate interior. The ceilings on the public rooms as well as the bedrooms are ornately decorated and painted. The floors are a beautiful mixture of Cotto Lombardo, Seminato, and dark antique wood. The Villa is filled with beautiful paintings, sculptures, rugs, tapestries and Venetian chandeliers.

    This luxury Italian villa has eight suites that average over 1,300 square feet. They are all unique and beautiful. They all have high and carved ceilings, antique floors and spectacular bathrooms. The rooms are filled with antique furniture, Persian rugs, Venetian chandeliers and beautiful art. Some of the bathrooms have Philippe Starck designed wash basins, bathtubs and W/Cs while others have antique French and English large trough bathtubs and ornate wash basins.

    The gardens of the two villas are considered some of the most historic and beautiful on Lake Como. The Swimming Terrace is spectacular. The terrace is filled with lemon and Olive trees. The views of Lake Como are stunПing from the Swimming Terrace which is the warmest part of the garden. Overlooking the swimming pool is Sant’ Agata’s 12th century bell tower. There is also a beautiful 200 year old greenhouse on the terrace. There are 11 working fountains on the property that add cool freshness and sound to the hot summer afternoons. The property ends at the lake’s shore. The dock area is beautiful. It is encased in antique Moltrasio stone both on the walls and on the steps leading to the water. The dock area is filled with roses, creeping jasmine and oleander.

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