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MENUS Villa Alexandra, Marrakech There is a superb Moroccan cook at Villa Alexandra. Many of her dishes are from this area as the cuisine of Marrakech is regarded as one of the best in the country. She has also been trained to cook European dishes. Moroccan cooks generally do not use cook books, most recipes are handed down from mother to daughter, and sometimes altered again, so you can have many exciting taste variations. Below are selections of her dishes, to whet your appetite. If you require something special, please ask and we will try and accommodate you. Lunch is usually served by the pool under the pergola. We provide a light two course meal which will consist of a main course and a pudding or cheese with home мейд bread, followed by coffee or mint tea. LUNCH (some of these dishes will be available in the eveПing as a first course) Gazpacho Cold cucumber soup Cold Vichysoise Tomato and chilli soup Avocado and prawn salad Salad Nicoise Caesar salad Moroccan salads of carrot and radish, roast vegetable, minted cucumber and tomato Couscous, chickpea and prawn salad Prawns in a chilled tomato sauce Sardines with a chilli and tomato relish Rice with tomatoes, avocados and black olives Roast aubergine, peppers and tomatoes stuffed with finely ground minced lamb, pine kernels, fresh herbs and spices Baked aubergine with red peppers Home мейд Canneloni with ricotta and spinach Various other pastas DINNER (three courses) First course from some of the lunch dishes above, or the following: Cheese souffle Traditional Harira soup (a traditional soup of vegetables and grains) Fish soup Various salads TAGINE COOKING (second course) The Tagine is a shallow round earthenware glazed pot with a tall conical lid, like a Chinese Coolie's hat. It traps the steam rising from whatever is being cooked in the bottom of the dish and prevents it from drying out during the slow cooking time. The result is a tender dish full of flavours. Here are a few delicious examples: Lamb with almonds, prunes and okra Chicken with preserved lemons and olives Chicken with apricots and almonds PUDDINGS Home мейд ice cream Apple and other tarts Chocolate mousse Fresh fruit salad Figs, dates, strawberries

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