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Villa (Pizza 2) Movie Review

Villa is a Tamil film which is dubbed in Telugu with the same name. Marketed as Pizza 2, a sequel to largely successful, critically acclaimed Pizza, Villa is a suspense thriller with a completely different theme.

What is it about?

Jebin (Ashok Selvan) is a struggling writer who comes to know that his deceased father has a Villa. His father keeps it a secret from him and after Jebin gets to know about it he goes to that place and try to sell it off. But strange things happen in that Villa and later he realizes why his father has kept it a secret from him.


Ashok Selvan disappoints as an actor. This character needs a skillful actor and sadly Ashok doesn’t live up to the requirement. He was given a matured look to fit the role of an actor, but somehow that didn’t suit him. Sanchita Shetty annoys most of the times. Bad dialogue plays spoilsport for her. Nasser is alright. SJ Surya did a cameo.


Villa is technically superior. Although it was мейд on a very low budget the quality of the film amazes you. Cinematography is topnotch. Camera movements will keep you engaged all the time. The lighting inside the Villa is excellent. Production design is too good. Editing is fine. Music is the biggest asset to this film. Background score is splendid. It is definitely one of the best background scores in the recent past.

Direction is too good. Director took his time to unravel the story. His research on the subject can be seen. Director succeeded in building the tension slowly. Narration catches pace towards the mid point and races ahead. Director has given enough clues from the start and the movie will get better when watched twice.

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This film is not related to Pizza in anyway. The makers might have used it for branding purpose. Villa is a completely different thriller that will impress audience in its own style. Villa deals with supernatural elements and negative energy theory. Director had clarity over what he was doing and that is the biggest plus for this film.

First half an hour so is very slow and painstaking. Better dialogue could have helped the course. However, once the story starts unfolding Villa hooks you to the screen and keeps you engaged till the end. This is not a thriller film and therefore there wouldn’t be any cheap thrills or jump scares.

Villa has a wonderful script and excellent technical team to its support. Good star cast could have taken it to another level. Villa has its share of drawbacks, but people who likes movies with different themes and novel approach will surely like it. If you are bored with routine comedy entertainers and looking to watch a film with good script and great technical values, then Villa is the best option. Give it a try.

Verdict: Pay ‘Villa’ a visit!

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