villa sorrento

Di l?i

Ten g?i khac

  • Hotel Villa Sorrento Sorrento
  • Di Residences
  • Hotel Villa Sorrento
  • Di Alberghi Sorrento
  • Di Residence Sorrento
  • Villa di Sorrento Sorrento Coast
  • Hotel Villa Di Sorrento Sorrento
  • Villa di Sorrento
  • Hotel Di Sorrento
  • Di Villa

Chinh sach

Theo quy d?nh qu?c gia, khach s?n nay khong nh?n giao d?ch ti?n m?t tren 999.99EUR. D? bi?t them chi ti?t, vui long lien h? khach s?n qua thong tin du?c cung c?p trong xac nh?n d?t phong.

Khach s?n co phong thong nhau — co th? dap ?ng tuy thu?c tinh tr?ng phong th?c t? — khach co th? lien h? tr?c ti?p khach s?n qua thong tin du?c cung c?p trong xac nh?n d?t phong d? yeu c?u.

Khach ph?i lien h? khach s?n v? v?n d? dua don tru?c khi d?n qua thong tin lien l?c du?c cung c?p trong xac nh?n d?t phong.

Phi b?t bu?c

B?n s? thanh toan cac kho?n phi sau khi nh?n ho?c tr? phong:

A tax is imposed by the city and collected at the property in cash. The tax applies to stays from 1 April to 31 October. This tax does not apply to residents of the city, or children under 18 years of age. Please note that further exemptions may apply. For further details, please contact the property using the information contained in the confirmation received after booking.

  • Thu? do thanh ph? quy d?nh: 1EUR m?i ngu?i, per night, t?i da 7 dem. Thu? nay khong ap d?ng d?i v?i tr? em du?i 18 tu?i.

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