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Missing a little over a month to the beginПing of the Olympic Games, the city of London has been putting the finishing touches to everything quit as expected. In addition to sports complexes and public transportation, the capital also cares leave the beautiful streets for your visitors.

A few months ago, Leyton High Road was just a normal Street, with broken signals, dirty walls and peeling paint. Today, after turПing the corner of Olympic Park, the street has undergone a remarkable transformation.

All stores have had their facades and signs pensioners, painted and modernised. In addition, were exchanged all doors, awПings and Windows.

The reform was held as part of a project of half a million pounds which aims to revitalise the streets of London to the Olympic Games.

And the transformation was not only in stores. The sidewalks were also purged, the boards were rewritten by other more modern and the lighting was redone. The walls of the apartments that sit on top of the shops, they were a dirty Brown, were washed away and returned to its original color.

The owners of Commerce approved the changes. In addition to being much nicer, the new look attracts new consumers, according to the owners of the stores.

The current Olympic champion, the Squad of women’s Volleyball prepares to defend the title in the London Games. Defeated by the United States on the afternoon of Sunday, coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes puts the murderer as a candidate for the highest place of the podium in England and hopes that the national team with setback at Grand Prix, learn, in Sao Bernardo do Campo.

“The United States have a team which is parameter to the world. Without a doubt, is the best shot. Is a time extremely strong, a strong candidate for gold. If we do not reach near the volume that the United States have today, it will be very difficult, and they won’t fall until London level, “he said.

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Just over A month to the beginПing of the Olympiad, Ze Roberto, admirer of the former Hooker, American Destinee Osasco, United States only puts on a plateau above the other teams.

“What drew attention at the end of the last was that a female American Superliga scored 20 points. At that time, I already said that this was me. The Hooker is one of the three best strikers in the world, if not the best. The problem is that she is American, “said the Brazilian.

The example that he had done after the victory by 3 sets to 2 over Italy last Saturday night, Ze Roberto regretted the excessive number of errors committed by the Squad, something fatal before an adversary with high accuracy as the United States.

“We have мейд many more mistakes than the American team, but roughly the ratio of 3 to 1. Is a team that is little erring and well balanced in all its positions. They are organizing too fast in relation to blocking and defense. When you make this rapid transition creates difficulty for the opponent, “he said.

The selection went on to win in the first set and showed a game that ruffled Ze Roberto, but was completely dominated in two partial, reacting only at the last part, when counted with intense support from fans in Sao Bernardo do Campo.

“The problem is to keep a constant wavering, we’re still very, differently from that moment we live before Beijing, when erravamos very little,” said the coach, who pointed out flaws in the pass and saw difficulties with the withdrawal of the United States, especially the journey.

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Despite the critical stance will own the team, Ze Roberto felt an evolution during the three games in the Brazilian stage of the Grand Prix, against Germany, Italy and United States. After the defeat in front of us, he expects his team to be able to evolve.

“To learn from defeats, you have to be very mature and see what the opposing team must important to try to get closer. If we learn from this, I think we still have a lot to evolve. It was important to have played with them now and is a great lesson for the Olympics, “he said.

With 11 points, Brazil occupies only the sixth Grand Prix, led by the United States. After falling in front of the United States, Ze Roberto selects 16 athletes to travel to China, headquarters of the next stage of the Championship and the finals to which rank the top five, in addition to the hosts. watch Olympics online

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