stalingrad museum

Museum-panorama "Stalingrad Battle"

This museum-panorama is located in the Central district of Volgograd on the riverside of the Volga. The complex consists of the museum-panorama, the ruin of  Grudinina mill and the open-air exhibition of old  military equipments.

The ruin of Grudinina mill is the one building which remained after  bombing. This mill was built in 1903 and  nowadays it became very unstable. Our government gave some money to reconstruct its joists and reinforcements.

stalingrad museum

The open-air exhibition of old  military equipments consists of tanks,  aircrafts, APCs,  howitzers, «Katusha», guns, a  field kitchen and others.

In the main building — the miseum-panorama- you can see  military forms, photos, personal armaments, weapons, maps, which were saved from that war. And of couse, the Panorama of Stalingrad Battle. The Panorama is a  canvas 16*120 metres, about 2000  square metres of drawings and about 1000  square metres of  object compositions.

It is the biggest    pictorial canvas in Russia. The final  operation of Stalingrad battle «Ring» is describing on this Panorama.   It is 26.01.1943, when the 21th and the 62th Armies joined together on the Mamai Hill.

Adress: Volgograd, Chuikov st. 47. (stop Lenina square (ploshad Lenina)

Open (the building of the museum-panorana): 10am-5pm (Tue-Sun).

Entrance prices: 100 rub/person (for adults)

50 rub/person (for students and schoolchildren)

There is also a guides. Prices depend on a language and numbers of people in groups.

You can see the ruin of  Grudinina mill and the open-air exhibition of old  military equipments  at anytime for free.

How to get: trolleybuses №№1, 8, 8a, 12. the high-speed tram, marshrutka — station «Ploshad Lenina»  (пл.Ленина) (Lenin square)

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